Ashutosh Capital Advisors is a boutique investment bank engaged in devising customized financial solutions for different clients suiting their growth aspirations. Our esteemed client’s financial needs are paramount to us. We take pride in our focus on maximising value for our clients. Success of our clients is the biggest reward for us. We provide consulting and advisory services across capital sourcing needs for growth capital acquisitions, consolidations or buyouts. We help assess the current and future capital and financial requirements for clients and assist then in approaching the debt market and private equity investors. We have a competent team with requisite infrastructure offering comprehensive debt solutions to meet your requirements. Following are the services provided by us:

In the current scenario, starting a new venture requires a substantial amount of initial investment. Generally this investment requirement is difficult to meet only with existing financial sources of promoters. In these circumstances, taking a loan for the proposed venture is considered to be better option. Moreover availing a loan opens up opportunity for taxation planning and subsidy under government schemes.

It is a highly specialised area due to long tenors, large upfront costs and high risk profile. For a new project, selection of best source of fund and obtaining funds at most economical rates has always been a challenge. While starting the new project, if above points are not taken into consideration adequately and decisions are taken without appropriate guidance, it can put a question mark on the success of the venture itself.

Whether it be a green field project, expansion, diversification or modernisation. Our company provides guidance and suggestions regarding fundamental decisions in respect of project which would be helpful in making the project a financial success. Also we prepare on behalf of our customers requisite reports such as Project Report, CMA data, etc and liaise with bankers to obtain requisite funding for the same.

A business or profession constantly requires funds to continue its existence and progress. Many a times the source of funds and the time within which they become available decide the success of a business.

We at Ashutosh Capital Advisors provide all the services and liaison with bank in relation to various business loans like Term Loans, Working Capital Loans, Mortgage Loans, Forex Loans, etc and Individual Loans like Home Loans, Personal Loans, Gold Loans, etc. Besides, we also provide all the requisite assistance to NRI clients for their loan related requirements.

A running business is sometimes required to make some fundamental changes in its financial and operating procedures to cope up with uncertain and ever-changing economic scenario. The decisions related to these changes are very important and have a far reaching effect. Such decisions require in depth knowledge of relevant law and apt knowledge of financial administration of business. One of the important aspects of financial restructuring is conversion of funds taken from one source to another. In such cases, we provide apt advice after thorough consideration of pros & cons and cost-benefit implications of each option.

Many times it is seen that promoter of a business or profession, in spite of having requisite technical knowledge, does not succeed in its business venture. The reason for that is besides having technical knowledge of business, financial expertise is also required to successfully run a business or profession. In such circumstances, advice from a financial and legal expert can prove to be very useful in making the business a success.

We provide comprehensive business advice taking into account future growth prospects of the company. We provide advice on form of business organisation i.e. Partnership, LLP, Company etc. taking into account size, growth prospects and tax and other legal implications on the organisation. We also provide advisory on management structure, requisite delegation of power, level of decentralisation etc. best suited to your business. Moreover, we also advice on government subsidy schemes, interest subvention schemes, etc support available for starting a new business or profession depending on the form of business.

At times, a business or profession wants to progress on the strength of its own capital (promoter’s capital). The company may not want to rely heavily on external interest bearing debt. In such circumstances, the company has an option to get itself valued and on the basis of valuation, it can raise capital by selling equity stake to outside investors. This process is known as Private Equity (PE) funding. PE funding is a very complicated activity and requires high level of expertise for raising the funds. Our company is capable of providing all the services related to raising of funds by way of Private Equity.

Private Equity has proven to be a great boon not only to companies in India, but also across the world. A number of firms have climbed the success ladder with the help of PE Funding.

In present scenario, it is difficult to achieve speedy progress in isolation. But when a business merges with another, there is a manifold increase in opportunities and efficiency of businesses. They create greater opportunities of success by complementing each other. Merger and acquisition is a process of obtaining synergy gains by merging with or buying another running business. The benefit is that buyer can create ample growth opportunities for itself while seller can reap the financial benefits of its organisation which it nurtured.

On the basis of industry and business in which the client is operating, we provide clients on proposed players for Mergers, Acquisitions, stake sell etc. Besides we advise clients on various legal compliances, approvals from various authorities wherever required and documentation formalities. Also we work out the best models for financing the proposed deal e.g. stock, cash etc. depending on the proposal.