Financial Planning in a broad sense is process of meeting your life goals through proper management of your finances. Life goals can include planning for buying a house, saving for your child’s higher education & marriage, planning for retirement, etc. Financial Planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances.

We at Ashutosh Investment Advisory provide you the tools, methods and guidance in evaluating your finances. We help you to see the state of your finances over time and assess the impact of your today’s decisions on your future.

We develop an understanding of your current and expected lifestyle, expected milestones, dreams and aspirations and your ability and willingness to take on risks and based on that, we develop an integrated financial plan for you and provide effective execution guidance.

We offer Investment Advisory on following investment options:

Mutual Funds have become extremely popular over the last 2 decades. What was once just another obscure financial investment instrument is now a part of investment portfolio of many. A Mutual Fund is nothing but a pool of fund aggregated from different investors and invested in equity and debt in different proportion as per the risk appetite of investors by a professionally managed Asset Management Company. Through Mutual Funds one can create wealth and also minimize the market risk factor by a technique called averaging which can be achieved through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Systematic Transfer Plan (STP).

We not only advise for making new investment, but also time-on-time suggest for change of scheme from one to another depending on the risk return trade off.

Our well equipped Research & Analysis Department keeps at all the time a vigilant eye on the most important part called Asset Allocation for all the investors along with providing guidance on new investment avenues depending on the time horizon, risk appetite & profile of the investor.

Our team, which includes relationship personnel, research and back office analyst, back office operations manager are round the clock ready with all the tools and parameters that include calculations, back office data, fact sheets, historical data etc.

In line with the current electronic era and also for better service to our valued customer, we provide investment facility at customer’s finger tips by way of online investment from our website itself for all types of Mutual Fund investments.

We are facilitating our esteemed clients to view portfolio at their convenience with many report options like Summary of Investments, Return on Investments, Current Holding Reports, Dividend History, Account Statements, Fixed Deposit Investment Details, Details of Insurance, Capital Gain Tax Report, Latest NAV Report, Latest Indices Details, ULIP NAVs, etc.

TAX FREE BONDS: Tax-free bonds are types of goods or financial products, which the government enterprises issue. It offers you a fixed interest rate, at a low-risk investment avenue. As the name suggests, its most attractive feature absolute tax exemption. This is as per Section 10 of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961. Tax-free bonds generally have a long-term maturity of typically ten years or more. Government invests the money collected from these bonds in infrastructure and housing projects.

NON CONVERTIBLE DEBENTURES (NCD): Investors are forever on the lookout for improved and more sustainable schemes. The market volatility, sometimes, even makes traditional and trusted investments lose their sheen. Here, Non Convertible Debenture or NCD proved to be a dark horse when they started delivering smaller but steady returns over time.

Like traditional corporate FDs, NCD too is a fixed-income investment with a specific term and interest income. Companies issue them to raise funds, and evidently you cannot convert it to equities. To make up for this limitation, investors enjoy supreme returns, liquidity, low risk and tax respite as opposed to convertible debentures.

PERPETUAL BONDS: A perpetual bond is a fixed income security with no maturity date. One major drawback to these types of bonds is that they are not redeemable. Given this drawback, the major benefit of them is that they pay a steady stream of interest payments forever. A perpetual bond is also known as a “consol” or a “perp.

Equity PMS: Portfolio Management Services are ideal for High Net Worth Individuals or Institutions who wish to opt for personalized management of their finances. A team of expert professionals conduct extensive research on markets to provide a customized solution for achieving unique investment objectives. This ensures the optimal selection of investment opportunities within an asset class and active monitoring for optimized results. Investor can review their portfolio at any time to see the progress of returns and present values.

RE-PMS: Now a day we can invest in real estate through structured real estate product like Real Estate Portfolio Management Service (RE-PMS) that is invested in bonds/instruments secured by property instead of actually owning property as it involves risk due to volatility in property prices. RE-PMS is investment vehicles that are used by its subscribers to gain from the Real Estate projects and/or Real Estate linked securities (Equity or Debt) investment.

This is another form of structured real estate product to invest in Real estate trough very reputed institutes and companies and high end real estate projects.

Real Estate investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) are mutual fund like institutions that enable investments into the real estate sector or in the infrastructure sector, respectively, by pooling small sums of money from multitude of individual investors for directly investing in real estate properties or in the infrastructure sector, respectively, so as to return a portion of the income (after deducting expenditures) to unit holders of REITs or InvITs, who pooled in the money.

Generally Real Estate investment Trusts invests in properties which are fetching good rental income and also have growth potential. Same way Infrastructure Investment Trusts invests in good infrastructure projects like roads, bridges etc., where regular income can be earned.

For more details and assistance you can contact us or review Mutual Funds FAQ and Why Mutual Funds.